17 déc. 2013

[Fr] Chronique de viou et ses drôles de livres ¤ [En] Chronicle of viou et ses drôles de livres



Quoi qu’on en dise, la bête noire d’un auteur, si ce n’est le syndrôme de la page blanche, c’est bien la lecture des chroniques que l’on écrit sur ses suites de mots.

Et pour cause ! Une chronique, positive ou négative, une fois publiée, pas moyen d’en esquiver les conséquences. C’est l’échafaud ou la bouffée d’oxygène.

Je ne fais pas exception, cette première chronique, je l’espérai autant que je la craignais.

Au final, la première chronique se révèle être une vraie bouffée d’oxygène.

No matter what they say, the pet hate of writers, if not the writer’s block, definitively is the reading of reviews written about their series of words.

And for good reason! A chronicle, positive or negative, once online, there’s no way to dodge the consequences. It’s either the scaffold or a breath of fresh air.

I’m no exception, this first chronicle, I expected it and dreaded it all the same.

In the end, the first chronicle turns out to be a real breath of fresh air.

Pour accéder à la chronique de Viou et des drôles de livres :
Chronique à propos de Rêve...

Since the chronicle is in French only, please find below the translation (made in bibi)

Translation of the chronicle:
My thanks go to the author for suggesting me the new version of this short story (the former one being in my To-Read Pile but not read). 
Ragazza can’t get over the fact she and her friend parted ways a few months back. She’s trying to put her feeling on paper when someone knocks on the door.
Both characters are nameless.
The main heroine writes poetry, samples of which are present in the reading. Byam Jinx Oxymoron’s pen is also quite poetic.
A short-story full of strong emotions. This story is an extension of the author’s pen – overflowing with sensitivity, sensuality, beauty and intensity.
A moving story.
Quite the discovery.
Rêve... /

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