26 nov. 2013

[Fr] Avec BookStory 2.0 vient Rêve… 2.0 ¤ [En] With BookStory 2.0 comes Rêve… 2.0



Avec le blog Bistory c’est au tour du site BookStory de s’offrir un lifting !
On dira d’ailleurs merci au(x) chirurgien(s) pour ce beau boulot !

Nouveau look, lisse, propre, interactif, en un mot, pro ! Voyez plutôt :

After the blog Bistory, the next one to get a face-lift is the website BookStory!
Gotta say thanks to the surgeon(s) for this great job by the way!

New look, sleek-looking, neat, interactive, to cut it short, pro! See for yourself:

Translation for the English-only speakers:
Do you know that in France, a new writer has as little as 0,2% chance of getting published?
Today, you get to decide who’s going to get published!
How does it work?
We receive the writers’ manuscripts.
Our peer-review board reads them…
to give writers a detailed review
and approve the publication of their novel.
We sign a publisher’s contract with them in order to publish their novel online.

How to be a part of it?
Create your account
Get a preview of unreleased novels
Comment, mark, share them and exchange words with the writers and the other readers.
The more appreciated a novel gets,
the more download of them there will be,
the higher the cost will get,
the higher the writer will get paid.

But more importantly…
we look for Publishing houses of which editorial policy matches the most popular novels in order for them to get hard copy publication.

Play by our rules!
Tell us what you liked
Tell us what you disliked
In order to guide the choice of other readers on their readings
And help the writers improve themselves. That’s exactly what they want!

At BookStory, you get to call the shots.

Et justement il y a des échanges entre les auteurs et les lecteurs, certains commentaires m’ont poussée à remanier un tant soit peu ma suite de mots Rêve…
La version 2.0 de Rêve… est actuellement disponible en format eBook.

A noter que les personnes qui ont déjà téléchargée la première version peuvent le faire avec la version 2.0 sans débourser quoi que soit de plus ! Un détail vous me direz, mais loin d’être négligeable !

N’hésitez surtout pas à me dire ce que vous pensez de ce remaniement. Toute critique est bonne à prendre tant qu’elle se fait dans le respect.

This is it, precisely, there are exchanges of words between writers and readers, some comments drove me to rework the slightest bit of my series of words Rêve…
The version 2.0 of Rêve… is currently available in eBook format.

It is to be noted that those who already downloaded the first version can do the same with the version 2.0 without spending anything at all! A detail you might say, but far from being insignificant!

Do not hesitate and feel free to speak your mind about this rework. Every review is worth taking, as long as it is given respectfully.

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